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Surrey Fire and Rescue Service

Redhill Aerodrome Rescue and Fire-Fighting Service

Brooklands Museum Fire and Rescue Service

1st Defense Fire and Rescue Service

Fairoaks Airport Fire & Rescue Service

1st Defense Fire and Rescue Service

Company History

1st Defense Fire and Rescue Service was formed during 1997 as the aviation side of SEC Fire & Rescue based at Shepperton Film Studios in Surrey.

SEC carried out specialist fire safety services for the film and television industry and Managing Director Peter Edwards (who has more than 30 years experience in the industry) worked as Shepperton Studio’s Fire Officer for over 14 years whilst running both companies

1st Defense Fire and Rescue moved to their current premises at Dunsfold Park in November 2002.

During 2003 The film and TV side of SEC was amalgamated with 1st Defense Fire and Rescue Service to create a portfolio of fire safety services (which staffed by fully trained professional firefighters) includes: Film, TV, Events (including aviation), supply and maintenance of fire extinguishers, provision of practical fire extinguisher training and the undertaking of fire safety risk assessments.

Whilst their fleet includes fire appliances from the foremost fire appliances manufacturers and body builders, 1st Defense's own workshops have created bespoke apparatus to meet their own individual specification.

Current Fleet

Dennis Rapier 

Domestic Appliances

L4P - Land Rover/Pilcher Greene (ex Royal Navy Rosythe Dockyard)

L4T - Land Rover/1st Defense Fire and Rescue Service 

Volvo FL6 4 x 4 airfield domestic/water tender/foam producing appliance ex BAA Stanstead

Dennis Rapier ex Surrey Fire & Rescue Service and the last of it's type in operational service with them. (Pictured)










Range Rover Carmichael TACR2a 


Scammel Mark 10c

Photo Courtesy Sean Vatcher - Firephotos






 Thorneycroft Nubian Major

 Photo Courtesy Sean Vatcher - Firephotos 

Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIV's)

RIV - Range Rover Carmichael TACR2a (6x6) ex Royal Air Force


Crash Tenders

Scammel Mark 10c airfield  ex Royal Navy Portland

Thorneycroft Nubian Major ex BAA Stanstead


Volvo/1st Defense Fire and Rescue Service

Water Carriers

Renault/Dodge 1800 gallon water carrier ex Norfolk Fire Service

2 x Volvo/1st Defense Fire and Rescue Service - 9,000 litre capacity (Pictured)




 For more information on 1st Defense Fire and Rescue Service please visit their website through our links page.


Post War

Surrey Fire Brigade 
BAC Weybridge Airfield Fire Service  

The above video from Youtube, shows the BAC Fire Station at the historic Brooklands site in 1986 prior to demolition. It is understood that the station was in use up to 1980.

BAE Dunsfold


The above photos were kindly provided by Roy Squires, the photo on the left shows the station in 1987 and the right shows the fleet in 1986.

We would like to detail more of the history of the aerodrome fire service at Dunsfold so would be grateful of any more information anyone can provide.

James Walker & Co, Woking


The above photograph is believed to show the fire station at James Walker and Co Woking,  we would be very grateful of any further information anyone may have on this works brigade..


Lagonda Works Brigade, Egham

We would be delighted to have any information on the works fire brigade at Ladonda.


Brooklands Museum Fire & Rescue Service


Brooklands Museum Fire and Rescue Service (BMFRS) started in 1995 when a group of volunteers begged, borrowed (on long term loans) and acquired equipment to allow training to go ahead at Brooklands museum. Luckily BAE Dunsfold were able to assist with the training. The team were then qualified to assist with the aircraft and vehicles days at the museum. Since 1995 the team has had a few changes in manpower but still carries on with the tradition of vehicle and aircraft fire safety.

BMFRS have attended external events at locations such as Silverstone race track, Dunsfold open days, Dunsfold Wings and Wheels event, Surrey Fire Service open days.


All BMFRS personnel are trained in Advanced Life Saving skills as well as Aircraft and Domestic Fire fighting skills. BMFRS have First Aid instructors and Fire Risk assessors as part of the crew.

Current Fleet


ISUZU PNR 94 Main Domestic appliance

This vehicle was with the Highlands and Islands Fire Service before joining BMFRS


Landrover 110 Main Aircraft appliance

This vehicle was with British Airways before joining BMFRS


Talbot Ambulance

This vehicle was with St John Ambulance (Hersham) before joining BMFRS

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