Fire Appliances in Service

Here you can see a small selection of fire appliances through the decades that were in service in Surrey, further pictures are available in the members area.

If you have any information on the appliances on this page or have further information on fire appliances in Surrey that you feel would be of interest, we would be delighted to here from you.




WPD 235G - WPD 239G


Dennis F44

Water Tender Ladders

Rolls Royce B81 Petrol Engine

Allison Automatic Gearbox


Only 27 Dennis F44´s were ever built of which Surrey Fire Brigade had five registration numbers WPD 235G - WPD 239G.

WPD 235G - Dorking and then reallocated to Guildford and Oxted.

For many years this machine languished in a farmers field (alongside Karrier RJN 330) adjacent to the B3000 between Guildford Crematorium and the village of Compton, Surrey until 2002/2003 Anyone know what happened to them?

WPD 236G - Caterham and reallocated to Cranleigh. Saw further service with BAe Waybridge, then BAe at Dunsfold, then a private school cadets fire section. Following which it went in to preservation, it is now believed to be in a scrapyard in the North.

WPD 237G - Guildford and reallocated to Chobham. Subsequent fate unknown.

WPD 328G - Guildford and reallocated to Oxted. Following disposal may have been in preservation? Subsequent fate unknown.

WPD 239G - Cranleigh. Following Service with Surrey, this appliance saw subsequent service with the Kent and East Sussex Preserved Steam Railway until approximately 1988 when it was written off in a stubble field fire.



DPE 43J  


Ford D Series/HCB Angus

Water Tender Ladders


In the 1970's Surrey Fire Brigade moved to the Ford chassis for their fire appliances.

The initial batch of Ford D1014 /HCB Angus appliances were under powered and accordingly not very popular with crews at the time. As a result they were phased out very quickly

The next intake were upon the Ford D1114 chassis.

Following which the larger D1617 chassis was to be procured, with bodywork by Angloco (Amongst these was the first fire vehicle made by the company). These were a more powerful appliance and due to their unique Dayglo livery acquired their affectionate nick name of  the 'Pink Panthers'!

 To identify a Pink Panther apart from the colour scheme, visual differences are

  • Engine grills behind the front doors were smaller
  • No small window in-between the front and rear doors

Further Ford based appliances for Surrey Fire Brigade included:

  1. Ford D series/Simon SS263, Hydraulic Platforms YPA 829T, YPA 830T with a third (KPF 814V) arriving in 1980.
  2. Ford A0609, Control Unit - Ref HPH 946V
  3. Ford Transit, Special Rescue - MPD 474W



KPF 819W


Dennis RS

Water Tender Ladder

Surrey Fire Brigade moved back to Dennis with the RS series of fire appliance.

Ogle designed, with an all steel cab, they offered improved crew safety and set the precedent for the future of fire appliance design and construction.

KPF 819W is seen here when brand new.


SPM 110X


Shelvoke and Drewry/HCB Angus?

Water Tender Ladders


An example of Surrey Fire Brigades Shelvoke and Drewry (Specialist Vehicle division - SPV. Believed to have been bodied by HCB Angus as some of the other vehicles in the fleet carried the manufacturers plate.

Further information wanted 


E409 DPJ


Mercedes 1222/Polyma

Automatic Gearbox

Water Tender Ladder

 Photo courtesy of Roy Squires

In the 1990's, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service turned to the Mercedes 1222 with Polyma Fire Protection bodywork to create these modern looking fire appliances. This configuration was a rare site for a UK Fire Service, with Norfolk currently being the only other known purchaser of a similar specification.

E409 DPJ is seen here at Godalming Fire Station

During this period Surrey Fire and Rescue used the Mercedes 1726 chassis for their fleet of Water Carriers.


T866 RPF

Volvo FL6.14-250/Saxon

Photo courtesy Roy Squires


By way of contrast are the current Saxon bodied Volvo's of Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, pictured here at Godalming Fire Station